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Plastics industry is pro good global initiatives

Plastics industry is pro good global initiatives

Vesa Kärhä (vesa.karha a plastics.fi), 27.10.2022

Vesa Kärhä comments the UN Plastics Treaty at PlasticsForum in Helsinki in October 26th 2022

Dear Mr Vestli, dear audience,

We acknowledge that the UN member states have been preparing a global agreement on plastics for quite many years. From the point of view of the Finnish and European responsible plastics industries, this agreement is seen as a very positive thing. We have encouraged to proceed with it steadily and thoughtfully. We have always offered our expertise, wherever needed and will continue to do so.

The most attractive positive thing in the agreement would be creating a level playing field for all actors and nations and co-operation. We want all stakeholders and countries to develop functioning plastic recycling infrastructure and improve their waste management.
It is quite clear that reaching a global agreement is far from easy. Otherwise, it would have already been done long ago. However, all UN member states have now agreed to make plastics agreement. This is exceptional and it was decided on the very same week when Russia attacked Ukraine in February this year. We sincerely hope that reasonable plastics agreement will come out, and nations will work together towards better peaceful future.

We understand that the agreement cannot be - and should not even try to be - decisive for everything in an instant. It must not be an obstacle to material or product development. On the contrary, it should support innovation and renew our way to use plastics, more resource wisely.

We would look forward to participating the preparing and the implementation. To be there to teach and learn. Our national plastics roadmap since 2018 is a good example of this kind of co-operation between all sectors.

Hopefully this comes reality soon and helps us to live in better harmony with these magnificent polymeric materials called plastics.
Vesa Kärhä, Finnish Plastics Industries Federation