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      Are you searching for a subcontractor, or a skilled plastics company to create your product? This is where you can find the best possible partner for any project. Finnish education, skill and knowledge is world class.

    • Agile Composites

      The annual 2 day-seminar in Valkeakoski. 27.-28.11.2019.

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    • Merry Xmas 2020
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      A versatile industry with limitless possibilities

      The Finnish plastics industry consists of almost 600 companies, it employs over 10 000 people.

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    What is FIPIF?

    The Finnish Plastics Industries Federation gathers companies together and offers different services to its members

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    FIPIF's Composite Group organise composite seminars. This year, the 2-day annual event emphasis on agile composites: recycling projects, high volume composite part manufacturing and process automation as well as design and networking.


    FIPIF's Composite Group organises composite seminars. This year, the 2-day annual event highlights the modern composite applications
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