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Many kinds of thermoplastic products are produced in Finland and many different production methods are used. Here you can find companies by production method that convert thermoplastics into Finnish high quality products.

Film extrusion

Film extrusion is a production method mainly used in the packaging sector. The film is produced by blowing air into a thin extruded plastic bubble that then is converted with rollers into film.

Film Extrusion 2022
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
A-kassi Oywww.a-kassi.fiPackagingManufacturer of plastic bags with own printing equipment
Amerplast Oywww.amerplast.comPackagingA global manufacturer of non-wovens and flexible packaging for use in consumer products worldwide.
Amcor Flexibles Valkeakoski Oywww.amcor.comPackagingHigh barrier multilayer co-extruded packaging films for use in applications for food, medical, pharmaceutical and a variety of other markets.
Biaxis Oy Ltdwww.biaxis.comPackagingProduces biaxially oriented polyamide film by coextrusion mainly to the packaging sector
Elecster Oyjwww.elecster.fiPackagingElecster is a provider of packaging materials and machines. They offer of complete UHT dairy plants: milk processing, sterilizing and aseptic packaging machines.
Muovijaloste Oywww.muovijaloste.fiPackagingMuovijaloste is one of the oldest packaging manufacturers in Finland. They produce different foodstuff packaging, for example for agricultural and greenhouse products
Pelloplast Oywww.pelloplast.fiConsumerPelloplast Oy specialize in coating, laminating and cutting various plastic films. Main products are self-adhesive protective films and surface protection films.
Polyno Oywww.pyroll.comPackagingPyroll Oy manufactures plastic bags of all sizes and different plastic films.
RKW Finland Oywww.rkwfinland.fiPackagingRKW Finland Oy manufactures plastic packaging by film extrusion. They make high quality PE film that is converted into sacks, bags and wraps.
Schur Flexibles Finland Oywww.schurflexibles.comPackagingKWH Plast Schur Flexibles Oy aim to deliver easy to use, safe and economical packaging solutions. They offer films for lidding, stand-up pouches, form-fill-seal and labelling solutions.
Stenqvist Suomi Oywww.stenqvist.comPackagingStenqvist Suomi Oy manufactures packaging products by film extrusion. The product range consists of different bags and sacks
Walki Plastiroll Oywww.walki.comPackagingPlastiroll Oy manufactures ekological film products for packaging. Examples on their products are compostable bags and bags for the food industry.
Wipak Oywww.wipak.comPackagingWipak Oy is a manufacturer of quality packaging films and products related to this for the food packaging sector and the medical sector.