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The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.


Many companies are involved in the construction business, from pipes to windows and floors to roofs, the Finnish plastics industry can manufacture almost anything.

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CompanyWebpageProduction methodDescription
Arvo-Putki Oywww.arvoputki.fiExtrusionArvo-Putki Oy is a manufacturer of district heating pipe systems
Atolli Oywww.atolli.fiThermoformingAtolli Oy is a service provider for the construction and industrial sectors. They are specialized in technical plastics, plastic piping and construction plastics. They offer a wide range of products and services.
Bewi Insulation Oywww.bewi.comFoam moldingBewi Insulation Oy manufactures EPS insulation for buildings.
Exel Composites Oyjwww.exelcomposites.comPultrusionExel Composites is the world leading manufacturer of composite profiles made by pultrusion of pullwinding. Exel Composites profiles are customer tailored solutions for demanding industrial applications.
Jita Oywww.jita.fiExtrusionJita Oy manufactures plastic pipes of different sizes and use.
Kährs Oy (former Upofloor Oy)www.kahrs.comCalenderingKährs is a flooring manufacturer. Main products are vinyl floorings and halogen free floorings.
LOGSTOR Finland Oywww.logstor.comExtrusionLOGSTOR Finland Oy manufactures district heating pipes and pipe systems
Meriser Oywww.meriser.fiInjection moldingMeriser Oy manufactures different HVAC parts by injection molding. They have a portfolio of over 2000 products and over 200 patents
Molok Oywww.molok.comRotational moldingMolok Oy develops and manufactures versatile and ecological waste collection systems that are suitable for all continents, countries and cultures.
Muovilami Oywww.lamidoors.comLaminationMuovilami Oy is best known for Lami-doors. These doors are manufactured to cope with special environments, for example good hygiene, radiation, heat or moisture
Muovitekniikka V. Riittinen & Cowww.muovitekniikka.comInjection moldingProduces injection molded products for the construction industry, for example different plugs and holders
Nerostep Finland Oywww.nerostep.fiPlastic weldingNerostep Finland Oy manufactures long lasting, movable plastic carpets
Nordpipe Composite Engineering NCE Oywww.nce.fiFilament windingNordpipe Composite Engineering Oy manufactures technical industrial plastics and the products family comprises piping and tanks intended for highly corrosive conditions under pressure.
Oy Prevex Abwww.prevex.comInjection moldingOy Prevex Ab is one of the leading suppliers of siphons in Europe. They focus on kitchen, bathroom and air-conditioning parts and different components like spacers for district heating pipes. Products can be delivered also pre-assembled.
Oy Primo Finland Abwww.primo.fiExtrusionOy Primo Finland Ab manufactures extruded customized profiles. They manage the whole production chain from consultancy to finished products. Primo is the biggest profile manufacturer in Finland
Oy Scantarp Abwww.scantarp.fiCoatingScantarp Oy is North Europes leading manufacturer of coated technical fabrics. Their products are used in both civilian and military applications.
Oy Toppi Abwww.toppi.fiExtrusionOy Toppi Ab is a manufacturer of high quality plastic hoses, tubes, profiles and cables.
Pipelife Finland Oywww.pipelife.fiExtrusion, Rotational MoldingPipelife is one of the biggest plastic pipe manufacturers in the world. Extrusion is their main production method but they also have a rotational molding factory. Pipelife Finland manufactures all kinds of pipes and containers
Plastiset Oywww.lipputanko.fiFilament windingPlastiset Oy manufactures flagpoles and piping made out of composite materials.
Uponor Oyjwww.uponor.fiExtrusion, Injection MoldingUponor Oyj is a provider of heating-, water and energy distribution-, ventilation- and waste water handling systems. They're main area of manufacturing in Finland is plastic piping and fittings.
Wavin-Labko Oywww.wavin-labko.fiExtrusion, Filament WindingWavin-Labko Oy is a company offering environmental solutions for water treatment in different surroundings.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.comExtrusion, InjectionFounded in 1972, manufactures i.e. pipe fittings and other construction equipment. Plants in Heinola and Kuivaniemi, main office in Heinola.
Vieser Oywww.vieser.fiInjection moldingPlastic gratings
VILPE Oy (former SK Tuote Oy)www.vilpe.fiExtrusion, Injection MoldingVILPE Oy develops and manufactures fastening and roof products, for example ventilation systems for buildings.