Picture: Satatuote OyProduction line


The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.

Transportation, marine and automotive

Vessels that transport goods or people on roads, water or air, all need plastics and composites to perform in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Transportation, marine and automotive
CompanyWebpageProduction methodDescription
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiHand lay-upA company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
EC-Engineering Oywww.ec-engineering.fiLamination, Vacuum infusion and RTMEC-Engineering is a system supplier for railway interior and exterior parts made of fibre reinforced plastic materials and sandwich solutions
Eurocon Oywww.eurocon.fiLaminationEurocon manufactures different sandwich structured laminates to the transportations industry
Exel Composites Oyjwww.exelcomposites.comPultrusionExel Composites is the world leading manufacturer of composite profiles made by pultrusion of pullwinding. Exel Composites profiles are customer tailored solutions for demanding industrial applications.
Muovitekniikka Oy Europlastwww.europlast.fiThermoformingMuovitekniikka Oy Europlast is a subcontractor and specialized in vacuum thermoforming of large pieces.
Muovityö Hiltunen Oywww.admorcomposites.fiFilament windingMuovityö Hiltunen Oy and Admor Composites Oy manufacture ADR approved transportation tanks for liquid chemicals and different vessels, pipes and pools.
Oy Fluid-Bag Abwww.fluid-bag.comWovingFluid-Bag manufactures lightweight flexible containers for transportation and storage of industrial volume liquids and pastes. Fluid-Bag products are especially good when protection from bacteria, oxidation, taste or moisture contamination is needed.
Oy Parlok Abwww.parlok.euExtrusionOy Parlok Ab is one of the leading manufacturers of mudguards and spray suppression systems for commercial vehicles.
Oy Primo Finland Abwww.primo.fiExtrusionOy Primo Finland Ab manufactures extruded customized profiles. They manage the whole production chain from consultancy to finished products. Primo is the biggest profile manufacturer in Finland
Patria Aerostructures Oywww.patria.fiVacuum infusion and RTMPatria Aerostructures competences are comprehensive management of projects involving design, industrialization and production of aerospace structures, aircraft parts and other technical parts used in demanding applications.
Jackon Finland Oywww.jackon.comFoam moldingOne of the few manufacturers in Finland of lightweight and durable foam plastics. They make products mainly for the electrics and electronics sector, for transportation and packaging.
Vepro Oywww.vepro.fiThermoformingVepro Oy is a supplier of accessories for all popular truck types in the European market. Vepro is specialized in vacuum forming and thermoforming plastics.