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Many kinds of thermoplastic products are produced in Finland and many different production methods are used. Here you can find companies by production method that convert thermoplastics into Finnish high quality products.

Injection molding

Injection molding is one of the most common processing techniques in the plastic industry. A part is manufactured by transferring molten plastic into a mold and cooling it down.

Injection molding 2022
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Alfaplast Oywww.alfaplast.fiMedicalSmall sized injection molding products for laboratories, hospitals, foodstuff and technical applications
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiSubcontractingA company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
Eino Korhonen Oywww.ekoy.fiSubcontractingEkoy, or Eino Korhonen Oy, is an injection molding subcontractor that also offer assembly services
Leomuovi Oywww.leomuovi.fiSubcontractingLeomuovi is a subcontractor specialized in injection molding and compression molding. They have some products of their own also.
Medisize Oywww.phillipsmedisize.comMedicalMedisize is a leading global outsource provider of design and manufacturing services to the medical and commercial markets. In Finland they produce medical devices and drug delivery products.
Meriser Oywww.meriser.fiConstructionMeriser Oy manufactures different HVAC parts by injection molding. They have a portfolio of over 2000 products and over 200 patents
MSK Plast Oywww.mskplast.fiSubcontractingMSK Plast Oy is specialized in injection molding and reaction injection molding (RIM) techniques. They also have the capability of producing their own mold for products.
Muovitekniikka V. Riittinen & Cowww.muovitekniikka.comConstructionProduces injection molded products for the construction industry, for example different plugs and holders
Okartek Oywww.okartek.fiTechnicalOkartek Oy manufactures a wide range of products by thermoforming and injection molding. Their speciality is multicomponent- and gas assisted injection molding. They also offer assembly services.
Orion Oyjwww.orion.fiMedicalOrion Oyj is a medical company developing medicin and diagnostic testing. In the plastics sector they produce their own medicine packaging mainly by injection molding.
Oy All-Plast Abwww.all-plast.fiSubcontractingA versatile plastics company that is specialized in hot-cold technology and multicomponent injection molding. Experienced with natural-fibre thermoplastics
Oy Fibox Ab
Fibox PAM
www.fibox.fiElectronicsFibox manufactures casings for electronical equipment and offer services from high precision injection molding to assembly of the products
Oy Orthex Finland Abwww.orthex.fiConsumerOrther Group manufactures a wide variety of consumer goods, for example storage solutions and kitchen equipment.
Oy Plastex Abwww.plastex.fiConsumerPlastex Oy manufacturers consumer products by injection molding and blow molding. Amongst their products are for kitchen-, garden- and leisure products. They also manufacture some parts for industrial use.
Oy Prevex Abwww.prevex.comConstructionOy Prevex Ab is one of the leading suppliers of siphons in Europe. They focus on kitchen, bathroom and air-conditioning parts and different components like spacers for district heating pipes. Products can be delivered also pre-assembled.
Piiplast Oywww.piiplast.fiSubcontractingPiiplast Oy is a subcontractor manufacturing products by injection molding. They also have own products.
Plastep Oywww.plastep.fiTechnicalPlastep Oy is an injection molding company focused on technical products for the industry. They are able to handle a wide variety of materials in their processes, from thermoplastics to thermosets and elastomers. The also have production of piggy banks and the finnish design icon Palaset.
Plastone Oywww.plastone.comTechnicalPlastone Oy products are for the electrical and electronics industry, the health care sector and the construction industry. Some products are also aimed at the sports and leisure sectors. They specialize in injection molded thermoplastic products.
Berry Superfos Pori Oywww.superfos.comPackagingRPC Superfos Oy invents, designs and manufactures injection molded plastic packaging.
S.Punkki Oywww.sunrisecosmetics.fiConsumerS.Punkki Oy manufactures packaging for cosmetical products by injection molding.
Schoeller Allibert Oywww.schoellerallibert.comPackagingSchoeller Allibert Oy manufactures dollies, containers, pallets and crates for transportation of goods. They also provide custom made solutions.
Serres Oywww.serres.com

Paree Group www.paree.com
MedicalSerres Oy is the largest supplier of suction bag systems in Europe and the second largest globally.
VILPE Oywww.viple.comConstructionSK Tuote Oy develops and manufactures fastening and roof products, for example ventilation systems for buildings.
Treston Oywww.treston.comIndustrialTreston is a manufacturer of industrial furniture and storing solutions.
Uponor Oyjwww.uponor.fiConstructionUponor Oyj is a provider of heating-, water and energy distribution-, ventilation- and waste water handling systems. They're main area of manufacturing in Finland is plastic piping and fittings.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.comSubcontractingPlants in Heinola and Kuivaniemi, main office in Heinola. Produces i.e all kind of injection molded plastics parts up 6 kg´s