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The Finnish plastics Industry pro target for both recycled plastics and renewable raw materials
European plastics producers will support 30% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging, ie recycled plastic, by 2030 throughout the EU.


FIPIF's Composite Group organise composite seminars. This year, the 2-day annual event emphasis on agile composites: recycling projects, high volume composite part manufacturing and process automation as well as design and networking.


Modern Composite Solutions 22.-23.11.2018, Lahti, Finland
FIPIF's Composite Group organises composite seminars. This year, the 2-day annual event highlights the modern composite applications


Advanced Composites Seminar in Turku 30.11.-1.12.2017.
The Advanced Composites Seminar starts at the end of November in Turku.


Plenary meeting of standardization committee CEN/TC 107 will be organized on 25.-26.4.2017 in Helsinki.


Amerplast is looking for a Production Foreman


Agile and versatile plastics industry is a clear bright spot in Finland, where economy otherwise looks not so good.


Joptek Composites - successful in 2013
In the end of 2013 Joptek Oy Composites has made two major contracts within the transportation sector. In the future Joptek products will contribute to customer satisfaction both on trains and luxury cruises.


Bemis Valkeakoski Oy, producing food contact films in Valkeakoski, Finland, has upgraded to high definition printing.


Ekin Muovi Oy, saving jobs in Finland
A new TV-documentary tells about plastics, entrepreneurship and the people behind all this. How will Ekin Muovi Oy go through the generation change in the company.