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Thermoset plastics are mainly used in the composites industry. On this page you can find various composite companies that use different production methods.

Hand lay-up

Hand lay-up is a manual method to produce composite products where fibers are placed and then wet down manually with resin.

Hand lay-up 2022
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiTransportationA company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
CSI Composite Solutions and Innovations Oywww.csi-composites.fiTechnicalCSI Composite Solutions and Innovations is specialized to produce solutions that improves performance, energy-efficiency, and are environmentally-friendly by using the unique properties of composites. With versatile processing techniques they can offer solutions from product development to serial production.
Ekin Muovi Oywww.ekinmuovi.fiTechnical, SubcontractingEkin Muovi Oy is a versatile composites manufacturer producing their own products and a large scale of subcontracting. Everything from large parts to small parts are possible to manufacture.
Oy Esmarin Composites Ltdwww.esmarin.fiTechnicalEsmarin Composited Ltd specializes in reinforced plastics articles. The company produces for example leisure time boats, parts for the transportations sector and industrial articles.
TerhiTec Oywww.terhitec.fiConsumerTerhitec Oy is a boat manufacturer that produces for example ABS- and glass fibre-based boats.