Picture: Satatuote OyProduction line


The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.


Finnish subcontractors are fast, skillful and adaptive. In Finland you can find a unique combination of knowledge and production skills.

Subcontractors 2022
CompanyWebpageProduction methodDescription
Alfaplast Oywww.alfaplast.fiInjection moldingSmall sized injection molding products for laboratories, hospitals, foodstuff and technical applications
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiInjection molding (RIM)A company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
Eino Korhonen Oywww.ekoy.fiInjection moldingEkoy, or Eino Korhonen Oy, is an injection molding subcontractor that also offer assembly services
Ekin Muovi Oywww.ekinmuovi.fiHand lay-upEkin Muovi Oy is a versatile composites manufacturer producing their own products and a large scale of subcontracting. Everything from large parts to small parts are possible to manufacture.
Leomuovi Oywww.leomuovi.fiInjection moldingLeomuovi is a subcontractor specialized in injection molding and compression molding. They have some products of their own also.
MSK Plast Oywww.mskplast.fiInjection molding (RIM)MSK Plast Oy is specialized in injection molding and reaction injection molding (RIM) techniques. They also have the capability of producing their own mold for products.
Muovitekniikka Oy Europlastwww.europlast.fiThermoformingMuovitekniikka Oy Europlast is a subcontractor and specialized in vacuum thermoforming of large pieces.
Muoviura Oywww.muoviura.fiThermoformingMuoviura Oy is a subcontractor doing thermoforming. They can handle both thermoplastics and thermosets in their processes. Examples of products are for example light coverings for emergency vehicles and transparent roofpanels for vehicles
Okartek Oywww.okartek.fiInjection moldingOkartek Oy manufactures a wide range of products by thermoforming and injection molding. Their speciality is multicomponent- and gas assisted injection molding. They also offer assembly services.
Oy All-Plast Abwww.all-plast.fiInjection moldingA versatile plastics company that is specialized in hot-cold technology and multicomponent injection molding. Experienced with natural-fibre thermoplastics
Piiplast Oywww.piiplast.fiInjection moldingPiiplast Oy is a subcontractor manufacturing products by injection molding. They also have own products.
Plastep Oywww.plastep.fiInjection moldingPlastep Oy is an injection molding company focused on technical products for the industry. They are able to handle a wide variety of materials in their processes, from thermoplastics to thermosets and elastomers.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.comInjection moldingWiitta Oy subcontract all kinds of injection molded plastic parts up to 6 kg's