Picture: Satatuote OyProduction line


The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.


The Finnish plastics industry is skillful, flexible and reliable. It has a great capacity to produce different products and aims always at fulfilling customer needs. This is why many different sectors in Finland and abroad rely on the expertise of plastic companies.

Finland is best known for it forest, marine, electronics and machine building industries. Since the 1940's the plastic industry has been supporting these with different products or by subcontracting. Plastics has also revolutionized the everyday life of people. The plastic industry in Finland manufactures a wide variety of finished products and semi-finished products.

Here are examples of plastic products in different industries, by clicking on the link, a list of companies involved in the industry can be found

There a also industries supporting the plastics industry, for example raw material manufacturers providing plastic companies with different materials and recycling companies taking care of end-of-life plastics.