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FIPIF provides its member companies with many different services. For example sector groups, labor market advising, standardization, communication, events and technical support.


Through FIPIF and its contact web, member companies get valuable expert services that support the companies in their business.

FIPIF is strongly involved in negotiating collective agreements for the plastics industry, advising in chemical matters and labor market related issues, providing member companies with legal services, following up-to-date chemical legislation, creating sector groups for cooperation between companies, organizing events and communicating pressing matters of the plastic industry to decision makers. FIPIF makes general terms of delivery for companies, is involved in standardization and takes part in governmental programs and research projects that support the plastics industry. FIPIF is also working for education for the plastics industry.

FIPIF aims at developing their services so that member companies can get the best possible benefit out of them. More information of FIPIF services can be retrieved through the links below,