Picture: Satatuote OyProduction line


The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.


From boats to household items, in Finland we have companies that manufacture them.

Consumers 2022
CompanyWebpageProduction methodDescription
ASV-Jarex Oywww.asv-jarex.fiPlastic coveringASV-Jarex Oy manufactures different kinds of office products used for example in medical care
Jokasafe Oywww.jokasafe.fiPlastic coatingJokamuovi Oy manufactures top quality gloves and mittens for demanding surroundings, for example protection from hazardous chemicals and resistance to mechanical abrasion are high priorities
Kiiltoplast Oywww.kiiltoplast.fiPlastic coveringKiiltoplast Oy is one of Europes leading companies in plastics coverings. They provide a wide range of products for graphical and home textile industries and for water resistant and safeclothing manufacturers
Oy Orthex Finland Abwww.orthex.fiInjection moldingOrther Group manufactures a wide variety of consumer goods, for example storage solutions and kitchen equipment.
Oy Plastex Abwww.plastex.fiBlow molding, Injection moldingPlastex Oy manufacturers consumer products by injection molding and blow molding. Amongst their products are for kitchen-, garden- and leisure products. They also manufacture some parts for industrial use.
Pelloplast Oywww.pelloplast.fiFilm extrusionPelloplast Oy specialize in coating, laminating and cutting various plastic films. Main products are self-adhesive protective films and surface protection films.
Saintex Oywww.saintex.fiPlastic weldingSaintex Oy manufactures reflectors, personlized business gifts and office equipment out of PVC.
TerhiTec Oywww.terhitec.fiHand lay-up, ThermoformingTerhitec Oy is a boat manufacturer that produces for example ABS- and glass fibre-based boats.
Treston Oywww.treston.comInjection moldingTreston is a manufacturer of industrial furniture and storing solutions.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.fiInjection moldingWiitta Oy is a supplier of pipe fittings and a manufacturer of outdoor toys for winter (The Pulkka)
Woodio Oywww.woodio.fiCompositesUses sustainable bio-material innovations in bathroom interiors from waterproof wood composite.