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FIPIF is an organization for plastic manufacturers in Finland. FIPIF brings plastic companies together and acts as their voice towards legislators and other organizations. FIPIF provides a platform for cooperation for plastic companies.


FIPIF personnel
Finnish Plastics Industries Federation personnel

e-mails are firstname.lastname a plastics.fi
Chemical Industry Federation personnel working for FIPIF

e-mails are firstname.lastname a kemianteollisuus.fi

c Riina Kasurinen, 2018Vesa Kärhä 2019

Vesa Kärhä
Tel. +358 40 559 7557
Responsibilities: CEO, the Packaging Group, the Recycling Group
Mirva OjalaMirva Ojala
Tel: +358 44 5155 313
Responsibilities: National emergency supply issues


c Riina Kasurinen 2018Kari Kuivalainen 2019

Kari Kuivalainen
Tel. +358 40 8439 425
Responsibilities: the Pipe Group, the District Heating Group
Jenni NisametdinJenni Nisametdin
Legal Advisor
Tel: +358 44 553 2853
Responsibilities: Labor market

Labor market legal advice for member companies at
tyosuhde a kemianteollisuus.fi.

c Riina Kasurinen, 2018Pirjo Pietikäinen 2019

Pirjo Pietikäinen
Tel. +358 50 370 7717

Responsibilities: the Composites group, Standardisation

c Rasmus PinomaaMatti

Matti Laurila
Tel. +358 40 501 0521
Responsibilities: Communications & media

c Riina Kasurinen, 2018 Lena Jenytin 2019

Lena Jenytin
Puh: +358 40 162 6250
Responsibilities: Assisting FIPIF and the sector groups

c Rasmus PinomaaKatja

Katja Teerimäki
Tel. +358 40 505 3432
Responsibilities: Accounting
ArjaArja Puikkonen
Tel. +358 40 777 6987
Responsibilities: Members and membership fees