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Thermoset plastics are mainly used in the composites industry. On this page you can find various composite companies that use different production methods.

Vacuum infusion and RTM

With these methods complex composite products can be produced by injecting resin into a vacuum where fibers are placed.

Vacuum infusion and RTM
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Akaan Muovityö Oywww.akaanmuovityo.fiTransportation, TechnicalComposite products of carbon- and glass fiber (or hybrids of these) mainly for boat and sports industries
CSI Composite Solutions and Innovations Oywww.csi-composites.fiTechnicalCSI Composite Solutions and Innovations is specialized to produce solutions that improves performance, energy-efficiency, and are environmentally-friendly by using the unique properties of composites. With versatile processing techniques they can offer solutions from product development to serial production.
Lico Oywww.lico.fiTransportationLico is a system supplier for railway interior and exterior parts made of fibre reinforced plastic materials and sandwich solutions
Oy Esmarin Composites Ltdwww.esmarin.fiTechnicalEsmarin Composites Ltd specializes in reinforced plastics articles. The company produces for example leisure time boats, parts for the transportations sector and industrial articles.
Patria Aerostructures Oywww.patriagroup.comTransportationPatria Aerostructures competences are comprehensive management of projects involving design, industrialization and production of aerospace structures, aircraft parts and other technical parts used in demanding applications.
Volar Plastic Oywww.volarplastic.fiTransportation, TechnicalVolar Plastic manufactures composite parts and structures for the needs of research and aeronautical machinery. Our production uses RTM, low-temp prepreg and vacuum bagging techniques.