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UPSKILL - Erasmus+

The Skills for the Digital Future of Plastic Factories UPSKILL

The aim of the project was to enhance the capability of European vocational education and training (VET) systems to respond to the plastics sector-specific labour market needs by designing, piloting and implementing an innovative vocational training programme for plastics machine operators with specific emphasis on digital skills to work with robotics and other smart manufacturing technologies, as well as green skills and entrepreneurial competencies.

The project has been completed its goals:

  • enhance the quality of vocational training;
  • improve the competence of teachers and plastic machine operators;
  • make VET curriculum more relevant to the labour market;
  • provide students and teachers with the opportunity to use digital materials.

If you are interested in hearing more about the UPSKILL-materials for teachers and learners or need guidance in using them don't hesitate contacting pirjo.pietikainen a plastics.fi.

You can find more information of this EU-funded Erasmus+ project at www.upskill-project.eu/

Student Books and Teacher Books are ready

https://www.upskill-project.eu/Erasmus materials

, just scroll down at www.upskill-project.eu/