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Thermoset plastics are mainly used in the composites industry. On this page you can find various composite companies that use different production methods.

Filament winding

Filament winding is a method to produce composite piping and tanks. In the process fibers are wet down with resin and then pulled over a rolling mold.

Filament winding 2022
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Muovityö Hiltunen Oywww.admorcomposites.fiTransportation, TechnicalMuovityö Hiltunen Oy and Admor Composites Oy manufacture ADR approved transportation tanks for liquid chemicals and different vessels, pipes and pools.
Nordpipe Composite Engineering NCE Oywww.nce.fiConstruction, TechnicalNordpipe Composite Engineering Oy manufactures technical industrial plastics and the products family comprises piping and tanks intended for highly corrosive conditions under pressure.
Plastiset Oywww.lipputanko.fiConstructionPlastiset Oy manufactures flagpoles and piping made out of composite materials.
Sulmu Oywww.sulmu.fiConstruction, TechnicalSulmu Oy manufactures glass-reinforced plastic tanks, pipes, smoke stacks, absorbers and hoods. They also offer installations services for their products.
Wavin Finland Oywww.wavin.comConstructionWavin-Labko Oy is a company offering environmental solutions for water treatment in different surroundings.