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Many kinds of thermoplastic products are produced in Finland and many different production methods are used. Here you can find companies by production method that convert thermoplastics into Finnish high quality products.


Thermoforming is a production method where you force a plastic part with pressure and heat into a certain shape.

Thermoforming 2022
CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiPackagingA company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
Atolli Oy www.atolli.fi ConstructionFluorotech Oy is a service provider for the construction and industrial sectors. They are specialized in technical plastics, plastic piping and construction plastics. They offer a wide range of products and services.
Muovitekniikka Oy Europlastwww.europlast.fiSubcontractingMuovitekniikka Oy Europlast is a subcontractor and specialized in vacuum thermoforming of large pieces.
Muoviura Oywww.muoviura.fiSubcontractingMuoviura Oy is a subcontractor doing thermoforming. They can handle both thermoplastics and thermosets in their processes. Examples of products are for example light coverings for emergency vehicles and transparent roofpanels for vehicles
Okartek Oywww.okartek.fiTechnicalOkartek Oy manufactures a wide range of products by thermoforming and injection molding. Their speciality is multicomponent- and gas assisted injection molding. They also offer assembly services.
Satatuote Oywww.satatuote.fiPackagingSatatuote Oy specializes in packaging that is manufactured using the thermoforming technique.
TerhiTec Oywww.terhitec.fiTransportationTerhitec Oy is a boat manufacturer that produces for example ABS- and glass fibre-based boats.
Vepro Oywww.vepro.fiTransportationVepro Oy is a supplier of accessories for all popular truck types in the European market. Vepro is specialized in vacuum forming and thermoforming plastics.