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Many kinds of thermoplastic products are produced in Finland and many different production methods are used. Here you can find companies by production method that convert thermoplastics into Finnish high quality products.


Extrusion products are manufactured with a continuous process when molten plastic is pressed through a mold with a certain shape, for example different profiles and pipes.

CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
Arvo-Putki Oywww.arvoputki.fiConstructionArvo-Putki Oy is a manufacturer of district heating pipe systems
Jita Oywww.jita.fiConstructionJita Oy manufactures plastic pipes of different sizes and use.
LOGSTOR Finland Oywww.logstor.comConstructionLOGSTOR Finland Oy manufactures district heating pipes and pipe systems
Oy Parlok Abwww.parlok.euTransportationOy Parlok Ab is one of the leading manufacturers of mudguards and spray suppression systems for commercial vehicles.
Oy Primo Finland Abwww.primo.fiTechnicalOy Primo Finland Ab manufactures extruded customized profiles. They manage the whole production chain from consultancy to finished products. Primo is the biggest profile manufacturer in Finland
Oy Toppi Abwww.toppi.fiTechnicalOy Toppi Ab is a manufacturer of high quality plastic hoses, tubes, profiles and cables.
Pipelife Finland Oywww.pipelife.fiConstructionPipelife is one of the biggest plastic pipe manufacturers in the world. Extrusion is their main production method but they also have a rotational molding factory. Pipelife Finland manufactures all kinds of pipes and containers
Uponor Oyjwww.uponor.fiConstructionUponor Oyj is a provider of heating-, water and energy distribution-, ventilation- and waste water handling systems. They're main area of manufacturing in Finland is plastic piping and fittings.
Wavin-Labko Oywww.wavin-labko.fiConstructionWavin-Labko Oy is a company offering environmental solutions for water treatment in different surroundings.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.comConstructionWiitta Oy offers PP pipes in different sizes