Picture: Exel Composites OyjPultrusion profiles


Thermoset plastics are mainly used in the composites industry. On this page you can find various composite companies that use different production methods.


Sandwich structures and lightweight structures that are produced by putting together for example light core materials and stiff fibers that are impregnated with resin.

CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
CSI Composite Solutions and Innovations Oywww.csi-composites.fiTechnicalCSI Composite Solutions and Innovations is specialized to produce solutions that improves performance, energy-efficiency, and are environmentally-friendly by using the unique properties of composites. With versatile processing techniques they can offer solutions from product development to serial production.
Lico Oywww.lico.fiTransportationEC-Engineering is a system supplier for railway interior and exterior parts made of fibre reinforced plastic materials and sandwich solutions
Exel Composites Oyjwww.exelcomposites.com TechnicalExel Composites is the world leading manufacturer of composite profiles made by pultrusion of pullwinding and continuous lamination. Exel Composites profiles are customer tailored solutions for demanding industrial applications
Eurocon Oywww.eurocon.fiTransportationEurocon manufactures different sandwich structured laminates to the transportations industry
Muovilami Oywww.lamidoors.comConstructionMuovilami Oy is best known for Lami-doors. These doors are manufactured to cope with special environments, for example good hygiene, radiation, heat or moisture