Picture: Exel Composites OyjPultrusion profiles


Thermoset plastics are mainly used in the composites industry. On this page you can find various composite companies that use different production methods.


An extrusion technique to produce composite pipes and profiles by wetting the fibers with resin and then pulling the wet fibers through a certain shape.

CompanyWebpageMain industryDescription
CSI Composite Solutions and Innovations Oywww.csi-composites.fiTechnicalCSI Composite Solutions and Innovations is specialized to produce solutions that improves performance, energy-efficiency, and are environmentally-friendly by using the unique properties of composites. With versatile processing techniques they can offer solutions from product development to serial production.
Exel Composites Oyjwww.exelcomposites.comTechnicalExel Composites is the world leading manufacturer of composite profiles made by pultrusion of pullwinding. Exel Composites profiles are customer tailored solutions for demanding industrial applications.