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The Finnish plastics Industry pro target for both recycled plastics and renewable raw materials

The Finnish plastics Industry pro target for both recycled plastics and renewable raw materials

Vesa Kärhä (vesa.karha a plastics.fi), Sep 29th 2021

European plastics producers will support 30% recycled plastic content in plastic packaging, ie recycled plastic, by 2030 throughout the EU.

- This is a firm and responsible step by the plastics industry itself, and its technical implementation has already begun, said Vesa Kärhä, Managing Director of Finnish Plastics Industries Federation (Fipif), on September 29, 2021, speaking at the industry's extrusion days in Espoo.
- The demand of recycled plastics is growing, and more recycled products enter the market all the time. Every tenth kilo of plastics raw material is already recycled. The product-specific variation and application possibilities for the use of recycled plastics are broad. There are still a lot of restrictions to be cleared. With current product regulations and technologies, it is not possible to add or use recycled plastic in all applications. In packaging, especially food packaging, so far only some of the recycled plastics can be used close loop -type. Achieving the overall goal requires completely new recycling technologies and operating models alongside existing ones. This is now evolving in the right direction at an accelerating pace, for example through the chemical recycling of plastics.

The Finnish Plastics Industries Federation proposes that, in tandem to the minimum recycling content of 30% in 2030, plastics made from renewable raw materials be raised in the EU.
- The possibility for the manufacturing sector to choose recycled plastics or renewable plastics as a way to meet its blending obligation would effectively decouple production from fossil raw materials. Many traceability issues and changes in manufacturing are the same with both choices, so they can be done together. If there is a shortage of the other raw material in the market - as it is now – the new option would guarantee better security of supply in all situations. Such important, evolving material lines would gain a good momentum towards a low-carbon future.
- Companies in the Finnish plastics industry are prepared to manufacture plastic products made from both recycled and renewable raw materials. These choices are discussed daily with customers in the industry to make sure to find the right plastic for the right use, says Vesa Kärhä.

The Finnish Plastics Industries Federation is a trade association for Finnish plastics manufacturing companies, founded in 1961. We work extensively with other organizations and stakeholders. We participate in international cooperation in the field through, among others, PlasticsEurope and many other cooperation organizations.