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Agile Composites 27.-28.11.2019 in Valkeakoski, Finland. Registrate now!

Lena Jenytin (Lena.Jenytin a plastics.fi), Sep 11th 2019

FIPIF's Composite Group organise composite seminars. This year, the 2-day annual event emphasis on agile composites: recycling projects, high volume composite part manufacturing and process automation as well as design and networking.

What is going on in the composites world? What are the current main technologies, materials, and most developing applications? The reviews of latest composite technologies and applications from the well-known players in the field will explore different topics.

The annual seminar gathers almost the entire composite community in Finland. Estimated number of participants is 100-120. Most participants have a technical or commercial background with many years of composite experience. Participants from educational organizations will also be present.

Join us in Valkeakoski. The seminar starts 27.11.2019!

More information and registration on www.plastics.fi/compositesseminar/

Registration Also speakers are asked to sign in.