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Many kinds of thermoplastic products are produced in Finland and many different production methods are used. Here you can find companies by production method that convert thermoplastics into Finnish high quality products.

Other plastics processing techniques

There are a great amount of different processing techniques in the plastics sector.

Other 2022
CompanyWebpageProduction methodMain industryDescription
Artekno Oywww.artekno.fiFoamingPackagingA company with many different production methods and a wide range of products from automotive and medical use to packaging and transportation.
ASV-Jarex Oywww.asv-jarex.fiPlastic coveringConsumerASV-Jarex Oy manufactures different kinds of office products used for example in medical care
Bewi Insulation Oywww.bewi.comFoamingConstructionManufactures EPS insulation for buildings.
Finn-Valve Oywww.finn-valve.comOpen mold and coatingTechnicalFinn-Valve is a company that produces polyurethane parts for demanding solution in the industry.
Oy Fluid-Bag Abwww.fluid-bag.comWovingTransportationFluid-Bag manufactures lightweight flexible containers for transportation and storage of industrial volume liquids and pastes. Fluid-Bag products are especially good when protection from bacteria, oxidation, taste or moisture contamination is needed.
Jackon Finland Oywww.jackon.comFoamingTransportationOne of the few manufacturers in Finland of lightweight and durable foam plastics. They make products mainly for the electrics and electronics sector, for transportation and packaging.
Jokasafe Oywww.jokasafe.fiPlastic coatingTechnicalJokamuovi Oy manufactures top quality gloves and mittens for demanding surroundings, for example protection from hazardous chemicals and resistance to mechanical abrasion are high priorities
Kiiltoplast Oywww.kiiltoplast.fiPlastic coveringConsumerKiiltoplast Oy is one of Europes leading companies in plastics coverings. They provide a wide range of products for graphical and home textile industries and for water resistant and safeclothing manufacturers
Kährs Oywww.kahrs.fiCalenderingConstructionFinnish flooring manufacturer. Main products are vinyl floorings and halogen free floorings.
Muovipoli Oywww.muovipoli.fiResearchResearchMuovipoli Oy is a company focused on research in plastics processing. Muovipoli supports the Finnish plastics industry and its development
Nerostep Finland Oywww.nerostep.fiPlastic weldingConstructionNerostep Oy manufactures long lasting, movable plastic carpets
Premix Oywww.premixgroup.comCompoundingTechnicalPremix Oy is a leading specialist in electrically conductive plastics and other unique plastic solutions like static dissipative compounds.
Saintex Oywww.saintex.fiPlastic weldingConsumerSaintex Oy manufactures reflectors, personlized business gifts and office equipment out of PVC.
Oy Scantarp Abwww.scantarp.fiCoatingConstructionScantarp Oy is North Europes leading manufacturer of coated technical fabrics. Their products are used in both civilian and military applications.
Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oywww.tt-gaskets.fiMechanical processingTechnicalTampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy manufactures different sealing solutions like gaskets, packings and shims.