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The plastics and composites industries in Finland manufacture products for many different sectors both on the domestic and the international markets.


Technical plastics are mainly used in different industrial applications but also in other demanding surroundings like in the electrical- and electronics industry.

Techical 2022
CompanyWebpageProduction methodDescription
Akaan Muovityö Oywww.akaanmuovityo.fiVacuum infusion and RTMComposite products of carbon- and glass fiber (or hybrids of these) mainly for boat and sports industries
Cathodex Oywww.cathodex.comExtrusionProduces mainly cathode plates from metals, has extrusion capabilities for own use
Ekin Muovi Oywww.ekinmuovi.fiHand lay-upEkin Muovi Oy is a versatile composites manufacturer producing their own products and a large scale of subcontracting. Everything from large parts to small parts are possible to manufacture.
Exel Composites Oyjwww.exelcomposites.comPultrusionExel Composites is the world leading manufacturer of composite profiles made by pultrusion of pullwinding. Exel Composites profiles are customer tailored solutions for demanding industrial applications.
Finn-Valve Oywww.finn-valve.comOpen mold and coatingFinn-Valve is a company that produces polyurethane parts for demanding solution in the industry.
FY-Composites Oywww.fy-composites.comHand lay-upFY-Composites Oy manufactures composite products for ballistic protection and structural applications. They often work with customers that have very specific and strict requirements.
FY-Composites Oywww.fy-composites.comLamination, Vacuum infusion and RTMFY-Composites Oy manufactures composite products for ballistic protection and structural applications. They often work with customers that have very specific and strict requirements.
Muovityö Hiltunen Oywww.admorcomposites.fiFilament windingMuovityö Hiltunen Oy and Admor Composites Oy manufacture ADR approved transportation tanks for liquid chemicals and different vessels, pipes and pools.
Nordpipe Composite Engineering NCE Oywww.nce.fiFilament windingNordpipe Composite Engineering Oy manufactures technical industrial plastics and the products family comprises piping and tanks intended for highly corrosive conditions under pressure.
Okartek Oywww.okartek.fiThermoformingOkartek Oy manufactures a wide range of products by thermoforming and injection molding. Their speciality is multicomponent- and gas assisted injection molding. They also offer assembly services.
Oy Esmarin Composites Ltdwww.esmarin.fiHand lay-up, Vacuum infusion and RTMEsmarin Composited Ltd specializes in reinforced plastics articles. The company produces for example leisure time boats, parts for the transportations sector and industrial articles.
Oy Fibox Abwww.fibox.fiInjection moldingFibox manufactures casings for electronical equipment and offer services from high precision injection molding to assembly of the products
Oy Primo Finland Abwww.primo.fiExtrusionOy Primo Finland Ab manufactures extruded customized profiles. They manage the whole production chain from consultancy to finished products. Primo is the biggest profile manufacturer in Finland
Plastone Oywww.plastone.fiInjection moldingPlastone Oy products are for the electrical and electronics industry, the health care sector and the construction industry. Some products are also aimed at the sports and leisure sectors. They specialize in injection molded thermoplastic products.
Premix Oywww.premixgroup.comCompoundingPremix Oy is a leading specialist in electrically conductive plastics and other unique plastic solutions like static dissipative compounds.
Sulmu Oywww.sulmu.fiFilament windingSulmu Oy manufactures glass-reinforced plastic tanks, pipes, smoke stacks, absorbers and hoods. They also offer installations services for their products.
Tampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oywww.tt-gaskets.fiMechanical processingTampereen Tiivisteteollisuus Oy manufactures different sealing solutions like gaskets, packings and shims.
Wiitta Oywww.wiitta.comFounded in 1972, reliable subcontractor. Plants in Heinola and Kuivaniemi, main office in Heinola. Manufactures different techical parts and components.