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FIPIF provides its member companies with many different services. For example sector groups, labor market advising, standardization, communication, events and technical support.

Sector groups

In FIPIF there are separate groups for different sectors in the plastic industry. These groups gather similar companies with similar interests to cooperate

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Member companiesSector GroupActions
Companies from Finland manufacturing plastic pipe systemsThe Pipe GroupStandardization and harmonization, certification, communication activities, pipe welding, European and Nordic cooperation (TEPPFA and NPG), following the latest developments in the industry
Companies from Finland manufacturing composite products and companies manufacturing or distributing composite raw materials or machineryThe Composites GroupStandardization, national participation in recycling projects, arranging the Composite Days, European and Nordic cooperation (e.g. EuCIA), following the latest development in the industry
Companies from Finland recycling or recovering plastic products or raw materialThe Recycling GroupWaste legislation, recycling, recovery, European cooperation (PRE), following the latest development in the industry
Companies from Finland manufacturing plastic packagingThe Packaging GroupLegislation, food contact issues, marketing campaigns, following the latest development in the sector
Companies manufacturing plastic coverings in FinlandThe Plastic Coverings GroupStandardization
Companies manufacturing PVC products in FinlandThe Vinyl GroupLegislation, waste handling issues, follow up of VinylPlus, Recovinyl and Vinyloop, following the latest trends in the industry
District heating pipe manufacturers in FinlandThe District Heating GroupStandardization, certification of products and installations
Finnish companies using injection moulding, educational and national security sectorsInjection Molding DivisionTo contribute to education and best practice within the industry, standardization, use of recycled plastics.

Rules and principles for Composites Group 2023
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