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Composites Seminar 2022 in Joensuu 15.-16.9.2022

Composites Seminar will be arranged in Joensuu in fall 2022

Due to Covid-19 the composites seminar for 2020 was not arranged, even the 2021 in November had to be cancelled and the May 2022 postponed to September 2022.

Instead the Composites Group arranged webinars during 2020 and will continue arranging webinars also in 2021 and 2022.

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In London there is the International Composites Summit 21 -22 September 2022 - for more information please see www.internationalcompositessummit.com

ICS composites Summit 2022 London

For more information:

info a plastics.fi
or the finnish site www.plastics.fi/komponyt